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How can I file a product claim?


1. Take a picture of the part of the product that you think is defective and email it to our customer service team, along with an explanation of what happened. 


2. If your claim is approved, fill out the return form that was enclosed with your order and make sure to choose the correct return code for defective products. If you no longer have the return form, contact our customer service team.


3. Place the product that you want to return in a bag together with the form and place the pre-paid return label on the package. If you’re using the bag that the products came in, place the return label over the original shipping label.


4. Hand in the package to the carrier that is noted on the return label and make sure to hang on to the receipt, so that you can track your shipment. Once we’ve received your return, we’ll process it and issue a refund.

We only approve claims that are related to manufacturing defects, for example missing seams, broken zippers or incorrectly sewn pockets. We won’t approve claims relating to fading prints, pilling, premature wear and tear, etc. Unfortunately, we have to charge a fee of €16 for unapproved defective product claims to cover our losses. You must use our pre-paid return label to get free shipping. If you’ve lost your return form or label, please contact our customer service team. Read more about defective product claims in our general terms and conditions.