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Get inspired

- and go explore!

Need inspiration on how to dress during a summer thunderstorm or a winter blizzard? Looking for information on how to light a fire or purify water during your adventures? Or would you like to join our community's adventures to gain more inspiration of your own? We’ve gathered all possible tips and tricks for you, so you don’t have to go looking too far!


Join in on everyone's adventure

Curious about finding out what our community’s favourite gear is? Then this is where you should deep dive further! Here you can gather inspiration about what to wear during your next expedition or get insights into what our community's favourite locations, activities, and clothing are. Go on - get inspired!

icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  Michael Perdacher x RevolutionRace  
icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  Christina Fjære x RevolutionRace  
icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  Johnny Edlind x RevolutionRace  
icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  RVRC Adventure - Exploring Austria  
icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  RVRC Adventure - Winterfun in Sälen  

Learn something new

Learn something new

Are you out in the woods right now, in need of tips and tricks on how to make the best out of your outdoor adventure? We’ve gathered all of our how-to’s down below, everything and anything from lighting a fire to purifying water. Have a look and get inspired!

icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  How to light a campfire  
icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  How to purify water  
icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  Difference between hiking, trekking, mountaineering & backpacking
icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  Hiking for beginners  
icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  The Ten Essentials  
icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  Leave No Trace - the 7 principles  
icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  Day Hiking Checklist  
icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  Hiking Guide: The King’s Trail  
icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  What to wear hiking in rain  

Check out our helpful guides

Check out our helpful guides

Want to find out how to best dress for a rainy day, a winter blizzard, or a hot summer's day? Or would you like to find out how to best clean your gear after a day full of exploring? Look no further. We’ve gathered all of our guides down below for you!

icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  Trousers guide icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  Layering guide
icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  Jacket guide icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  Insulating clothing
icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  Winter weather icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  Size guide
icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  Rain weather icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  Clothing care
icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  Waterproof guide icon-checkmark-round-teal.svg  Gift Guide