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Kungsleden: Nikkaluokta to Saltoluokta

28 September 2022

The first part of the trail, Nikkaluokta to Singi, is not part of Kungsleden, but it’s still a popular route to hike since it goes right by Kebnekaise, Sweden’s tallest mountain. Summit trips are available upon request at the relevant station, but this is also possible independently. This section is also home to Stora Sjöfallet national park, known for some breath-taking views – especially in clear weather.  Along this part of Kungsleden, the Sami people heard reindeer, so it’s important to show respect on their land.   

Quick Facts 

Total distance:

5-6 days, 4-11 hours hiking per day. 

Length of sections:
9-30 km per day. 

Passes both Kebnekaise and Stora Sjöfallet/Stuor Muorkke national park

Hiking sections between Nikkaluokta and Saltoloukta 

Nikkaluokta to Kebnekaise* 

Length: 19 km
Hiking time: 5-7 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: No
* These first two sections are not actually a part of Kungsleden, but Nikkaluokta is a common starting point for this section of the trail. 

The accommodation Nikkaluokta is not organized by STF. Starting off in Nikkaluokta, you can fuel up at the restaurant and shop for the rest of your journey. After walking on trails through forests and wooden walkways, you can opt for a boat that shortens the hike by 6km. The boat runs several times a day, check the timetable to find a suitable time for you.  

At the docks, you will find Restaurant Enoks, which serves many local delights such as cloudberry waffles and reindeer burgers. We recommend trying it!  

Cross the bridge over the Tarfalajåkka stream, and once you get to Kebnekaise, there is a mountain station ran by STF available with amenities, and even if the weather is good, there are guided tours to Kebnekaise’s summit. 

Kebnekaise to Singi*

Length: 15 km
Hiking time: 4-6 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: No
* These first two sections are not actually a part of Kungsleden, but Nikkaluokta is a common starting point for this section of the trail. 

Hiking from Kebnekaise to Singi will take you through the Laddjuvagge valley, known to be home to the country’s most beloved climbing circuits.  

The stunning landscape you hike through will be rocky in some places, so hikers are advised to watch their footing, especially in difficult weather. You will then hike between the faces of the Singitjåkka and Skárttoaivi mountains. 

Just before STF Singi, you can enjoy the views of the open valley, and after this, you will arrive at Lake Lassajaure. When arriving at STF Singi, you are officially back on the Kungsleden trail. If you need to rest at Singi, you will find a mountain cabin ran by STF. 

Singi to Kaitumjaure 

Length: 13 km
Hiking time: 4-6 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: No

The Kungsleden trail rebegins here! A widely enjoyed part of the Kungsleden trail, you will follow the Tjäktjajåkka mountain stream to the Kaitumjaure lake. You will pass through an older area of reindeer husbandry, where you will see remnants of Sámi tents and reindeer grazing. 

The first part of your journey offers several rest areas and there is no shortage of water around for you. If you are an avid angler, perhaps a fishing license is a good investment to have!  

Just to the west of STF Kaitumjaure, you can witness the amazing Sanjartjåkka peak. The station at the peak has a guestbook to forever remember your visit! Ask staff at STF Kaitumjaure about getting to the top. 

Kaitumjaure to Teusajaure 

Length: 9 km
Hiking time: 4-5 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: No

This hike boasts some of the most beautiful views overall on the Kungsleden trail. In good weather, you can see right across to Sarek! The terrain here can be a little steep, so hikers are advised to watch their footing.

You will first cross the bridge across Kaitumjåkka, then a climb up a mountain slope. There is a Sámi tent around 4km south that has been renovated into a temporary shelter for hikers. When you continue your journey, you will pass some impressive mountain heaths, before making a steep decline towards Lake Teusajaure and its stunning waterfall. Again, hikers are advised to watch their steps on the steep terrain, particularly in adverse weather. 

There is a mountain station available at Teusajaure. 

Teusajaure to Vakkotavare  

Length: 15 km
Hiking time: 4-6 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: Yes

This section requires a 1km boat ride. There are rowing boats available to use here, but only take this offer if you are experienced with watersports. There is also a boat service run by STF.  

After the boat trip, you will be in Stora Sjöfallet National Park. Most people find the hike here, despite the long ascent, quite enjoyable due to the scenery of mountain birch and trickling streams. 

There is an excellent view around 1.5km away from the STF Vakkotavare mountain cabin, the view is so good that many people decide to camp there! When you reach Vakkotavare, you will also have the opportunity to stop at a mountain cabin. 

Vakkotavare to Saltoluokta 

Length: 30 km
Hiking time: 9-11 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: Yes

The last section of this hike passes through Stora Sjöfallet/Stuor Muorkke national park. At the Viedásnjárgga point by Lake Langas, you can find the Laponia Visitor Centre which offers information about the indigenous Sami people and their way of living. 

The hiking trail runs between Nikkaluokta and STF Vakkotavare, however, it is common practice and easier for most hikers to end this section by taking transport from STF Vakkotavare to the STF Saltoluokta mountain station.  From Kebnats to the STF Saltoluokta mountain station there is a boat run by STF.

There is also a mountain station ran by STF available in Saltoluokta, and there is also Stora Sjöfallet’s mountain lodge on the trail between Vakkotavare (STF) and Saltoluokta mountain station (STF). 

How do I get there?

To Nikkaluokta

Go by bus from Kiruna.

To Saltoluokta

Take the bus from Gällivare to Kebnats. From there, take the boat over Lake Langas to Saltoluokta mountain station.