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Stay warm with
insulating clothing

No matter what activity you are enjoying - staying warm is just as important as being comfortable or having fun! In fact, staying warm is a matter of safety. Keep reading for valuable insights into the power of insulation during cold weather! 

Down vs synthetic

Different activities and types of weather demand different types of insulation. Both down- and synthetic filling have pros and cons worth learning more about when deciding what to wear on your next adventure.

Down insulation

Down is not the same as feathers. It's a material from the undercoat of birds, a natural material with amazing warming and ventilating capabilities. In production the down is formed into clusters that both keeps the warm air trapped while at the same time allowing the air to travel through so that you don’t get overheated. Down clothing is also “feathery” light keeping you flexible and comfortable all day without weighing you down. Down clothing is optimal in dry conditions, a downside is it takes longer to dry and isn’t as efficient at repelling moisture. The warming capabilities of down clothing are often described by its fill power.

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Synthetic insulation

Synthetic insulation is made of synthetic fibers that are formed into similar types of clusters as those in down clothing. This means synthetic insulation works in similar ways as down, keeping the heat from escaping too far away from your body. Clothing made in synthetic materials are sometimes a little heavier than down clothing but are much more resistant to moisture and also dries faster. 50-100 g/m² is usually enough insulation for mid layer-clothing whilst 100-200 g/m² will keep you warm during those really cold days. 


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Quick overview

Down jacket
A natural material that keeps you warm, light and ventilated.
+ Retains heat
+ Lightweight
+ Insulates very well
- Inefficient at repelling moisture
Syntethic jacket
A material made for more intense acitivies that keeps you warm and dries faster.
+ More resistant to moisture
+ Dries faster
+ Efficient at high-intensity activities
- Weighs more than down


What is fill power?

Fill power in down clothing describes how effective the garment is at retaining heat while still feeling lightweight, in other words its quality. A higher fill power results in a fluffier feel and warmer jacket, this occurs when the down clusters are fully expanded inside the garment. A general tip is to look for a jacket with a fill power rating of at least 550, then it will be both warmer and more comfortable. 

What is fill weight?

The fill weight of down clothing describes how much down the product contains. Just as fill power, fill weight plays an important role in the warmth and comfortability of a down product. Fill weight gives an indication of how soft or firm a product is, as well as how easily it can be compressed. A light down jacket is easier to compress whilst a heavier down jacket is warmer. 


Down insulation chart

For a better understanding of the different terms regarding down clothing and their effects on insulation - have a look at this chart - with warmth rating on one axis and fill power on the other. This gives you a more visual look into what type of weather the different garments are optimal in. The higher the fill power, the warmer the jacket feels.

Top 5 insulating clothing

Warmest synthetic temeratur-varmast.svg

Mongoose Collection

The Mongoose Jacket is the perfect jacket for chilly days. It's warm, super soft, and insulated with Hyperloft™ synthetic insulation. A pfc-free DWR protects against light rain and several zippered pockets for storage.

The Mongoose Skirt is the perfect insulation for chilly days. Wear it as a warming outer layer on top of your hiking pants. 2 hand pockets with zip, button closing with side zipper.

The Mongoose Shorts are the perfect insulation for chilly days. Wear them as a warming outer layer on top of your hiking pants or as an insulating mid layer under your shell pants. 2 hand pockets with zip, button closing with fly zipper.

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Warmest down temeratur-varmast.svg

Igloo Jacket
Fill Power: 800
Fill Weight: 292,2g in size Medium (Men's)

The IGLOO™ Jacket comes snugly filled with down insulation to keep you nice and cozy on urban explorations or ski runs down the slopes. The large removable hood is helmet-compatible, the numerous pockets include a ski-pass slot, an internal pocket, two fleece-lined handwarmer pockets, and two chest pockets. Recessed cuffs block cold air out and the down insulation will keep you warm even on the coldest days.

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Warmer down temeratur-varmare.svg

Flex Down Jacket
Fill Power: 650
Fill Weight: 100g in size Medium (Men's)

The Flex Down jacket is made in a durable 4-way stretch fabric making it super comfy and it follows your every move during outdoor adventures.Filled with RDS certified down and protected with a PFC free DWR for water repellency. Equipped with 3 outer pockets with zipper closing and 2 larger inner pockets.

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Warm down temeratur-varm.svg

Helium Down Jacket
Fill Power: 600
Fill Weight: 96g in size Medium (Men's)

Helium Down Jacket is insulated with RDS certified down. A lightweight and versatile jacket designed for all kinds of outdoor adventures. It’s easy to compress and has an excellent warmth to weight ratio. is insulated with RDS certified down. A lightweight and versatile jacket designed for all kinds of outdoor adventures. It’s easy to compress and has an excellent warmth to weight ratio.

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Warm synthetic temeratur-varm.svg

Helium Puffy Jacket

The Helium Puffy Jacket is super light and compressible, perfect as a standalone jacket or as a warming mid layer during the cold season. The outer shell has a PFC-free DWR to repel moisture. You will not find a more comfortable and versatile jacket.

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Frequently asked questions

icon-arrow-angle-right.svg  What is synthetic down?

Down in itself is a natural material found in the undercoat of birds. Synthetic materials are used to replicate the feel of down clothing. You could say that synthetic down is a manufactured material and its purpose is to give the wearer the same sense of warmth and comfortability as down, with a few perks. One of these being that it is more resistant to moisture. 


icon-arrow-angle-right.svg  How is synthetic insulation made?

Synthetic insulation is usually made with intertwined polyester fibers in various sizes so that they replicate the clusters in down clothing. These clusters work by keeping the warmth that leaves your body in air pockets, hence keeping you nice and warm. 


icon-arrow-angle-right.svg  Does synthetic insulation in clothing keep you warm when wet?

One of the perks of synthetic insulation is that it’s great at keeping the warmth even when the material gets wet. Synthetic materials also dry up faster than down clothing. Polyester, one of the common materials used in synthetic insulation, is water-resistant. It can withstand some rain, just remember it isn’t waterproof. For more information on our waterproof and water resistant clothing, check out our Waterproof Guide ›.