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Get Ready for Winter Weather! 

There Is No Bad Weather When You Shop at RevolutionRace!

Playing in the snow means that you will be wet and cold. Therefore, choose an outer layer that keeps the moisture out and an insulating layer that retains your body heat. Our clothes fit all possible winter weather, whether it is +5°C and raining or if it's -30°C and blizzard.

Top Picks Winter Clothes

Dress in Layering on Your Winter-Adventures!

Dress in several layers when you're out in nature in winter, each layer has its own task and function in order to keep you warm and dry. You usually choose between three and sometimes even four layers depending on how cold it is and depending on activity.

You can read more on our layering guide here →

1. Baselayer

Closest to the body, you want a garment that transports moisture well and that keeps you dry and warm. Our warmest baselayer is Hiball Waffle, for more high-intensity activities we recommend Merino Wool which transports moisture best.

Women's Baselayers Men's Baselayers

2. Midlayer

The perfect midlayer transports moisture from layer 1 while it retains heat so you do not get cold. Our warmest Fleece is the Tornado Hoodie.

Women's Fleece Men's Fleece

3. Shell layer

These are the garments that protect you from the outer elements. It should be wind and water repellent to protect you against moisture and cold that comes from the outside. Our best tips are Cyclone Jacket and Crisp Jacket. 

Women's Jackets Men's Jackets

Our Different Types of Jackets & Pants

It can be difficult to know what type of outer layer you should choose for your winter adventures because all materials have their different advantages. We offer several different winter jackets and trousers that are suitable for different activities and weather conditions.

Shell Jackets & Trousers

icon-checkmark.svg Waterproof

icon-checkmark.svg High-performance materials

icon-checkmark.svg Protection against wind and rain.

icon-checkmark.svg Good breathability

icon-checkmark.svg Smart ventilation zippers

Cyclone Jacket & Cyclone Trousers: are both waterproof and windproof. It is our most versatile shell set and is suitable all year round for several different activities.
Crisp Jacket & Crisp Trousers: are waterproof and windproof and equipped with snow locks in both jackets and trousers. Developed for alpine skiing.

Down ackets

icon-checkmark.svg Light weight

icon-checkmark.svg Warms extremely well!

icon-checkmark.svg Good extra layer for really cold days.

Igloo Jacket , is our warmest jacket and has RDS certified down filling.
Superlight Down Jacket , fits perfectly as an insulating midlayer under the shell jacket or as a stand-alone jacket on mild winter days, RDS-certified down filling.

Lined Jackets & Trousers

icon-checkmark.svg  Extra warming

icon-checkmark.svg  Water repellent

icon-checkmark.svg  Insulating

Hiball Jacket & Trousersis a strong water-repellent customer favorite with fleece lining, for those extra cold days.
Flow Jacket, is a lined parka with a waterproof membrane, perfect for the cold, wet days.

RevolutionRace's Top 5 Recommendations for Winter Adventures.

Crafted from durable, PFC-free materials and multifunctional by nature, our winter Jackets & Trousers let you move effortlessly from your backyard to the wild and beyond, regardless of the weather conditions.

For Skiing and All-Round 

Cyclone is our most versatile shell set and can be worn all year around, it is waterproof, windproof and extremely breathable. Both trousers and jacket are equipped with RECCO® reflektor 
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Waterpillar: 15 000 mm
Breathability: 20 000 g/m²/24h
Jacket Weight: 680g in size Medium (Men's)
Trouser Weight: 540g in size Medium (Men's)
Designed for: Winter Sport, All-round, Fishing, Mountaineering, Hiking
Suitable for temperatures: As low as -30°C when worn with layering 

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For the Winter Hikes

Hiball Jacket & Trousers are made with a 4-way stretch material with a thin fleece lining. Really good water repellency and extremely good breathability.
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Linning: Fleece
Jacket Weight: 650g  in size Medium (Men's)
Trousers Weight: 698g  in size Medium (Men's)
Designed for: Dog Sport, Hiking, All-round, Winter Sport
Suitable for temperatures: 10°C to -15°C

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For Everyday Use in Winter

Flow Jacket is a lined shell jacket equipped with our most advanced membrane; Hypershell® Pro. With fully taped seams

Waterpillar: 20 000 mm
Breathability: 10 000 g/m²/24h
Weight: 1000g in size Medium
Designed for: Hiking, Urban, Winter Sport, Fishing, All-round
Suitable for temperatures: 5°C to -15°C

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For the Extra Cold Days

Igloo jacket is the warmest jacket in the RevolutionRace inventory, filled with RDS certified down insulation  to keep you nice and cozy.

Filling: Duck down 100%
Waterpillar: 5 000 mm
Breathability: 5 000 g/m²/24h
Weight: 1064g in size Medium
Designed for: Winter Sport, Urban
Suitable for temperatures: 5°C to -20°C

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